About Us

Welcome to TAGTII ! We are a global online retailer of high end African-inspired jewelry. Founded by a millennial Zimbabwean-American woman with a passion for incorporating the richness of Africa into everyday living, we have created a jewelry line with love and pride in our African roots.

Our very first collection, The Genesis Collection, is a symbolic illustration that embodies the African DNA that incepted our collective human existence – the motherland, the beginning, the genesis.

Our one-of-a-kind patent pending, hand made pendants, are made from shatter proof glass on surgical steel with the option of 18k gold plated options. These pendants are made by working moms who love to create and be a part of this groundbreaking new jewelry production craftsmanship.

We hope that our collection offers you a taste of Africa and reminds you of the origins of our collective story as brothers and sisters.

Our jewelry makes for perfect gifts for you and your loved ones. A gift that will connect anyone back to the beautiful continent where our incredible stories began.

We hope that you love your keepsake pieces, as much as we love creating them.

With gratitude,


CEO & Founder